DAF LF45 – Non Start

πŸ’‰ Vehicle had just been serviced and had been left running for approximately 20 minutes when it cut out without warning. Fault was purely coincodental to its recent service. πŸ“ž After several attempts to diagnose and restarting even with easy-start, the customer gave up and called us. 🧠 Knowing the engine is actually a rebadgedContinue reading “DAF LF45 – Non Start”

ADL E200 – Cummins ISBe 4.5 Software Update

🚚 Here we have an Alexander-Dennis Enviro 200 running with a Cummins ISBe 4.5 Euro 5 engine in for software update. πŸ”Œ A scan using our Cummins Insite tool showed many repeated fault codes for high emissions but did also show us that The ECM software was version 15 and the latest being version 22.Continue reading “ADL E200 – Cummins ISBe 4.5 Software Update”

ADL E200 Actia CAMU reprogramming

🚚 Here we had a ADL E200 with a new replacement CAMU that needs reprogramming. πŸ”Œ Using our genuine Actia MultiAid diagnostic tool, we were able to reprogram this brand new CAMU after the original one failed. Correct parameter file sourced from vehicle manufacturer and thoroughly tested.