Another Day, Another Solo

πŸ“ž Called out to another Optare Solo that just died at the roadside. πŸ’‰ Customer complaint was door open warning and buzzer on dashboard when the door was closed and no throttle pedal response. (Door interlock) πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« We were quickly able to disconnect the throttle interlock and get the vehicle moving again. Our trusty ActiaContinue reading “Another Day, Another Solo”

ADL E200 Actia CAMU reprogramming

🚚 Here we had a ADL E200 with a new replacement CAMU that needs reprogramming. πŸ”Œ Using our genuine Actia MultiAid diagnostic tool, we were able to reprogram this brand new CAMU after the original one failed. Correct parameter file sourced from vehicle manufacturer and thoroughly tested.