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Bus & Coach Solutions

Investment in tools
Our genuine & licensed tools give us access to 95% of European vehicles on the road. We pay thousand of pounds a year to keep our tools up to date, and further investment in new tools.

We don’t just read fault codes, we analyse live data, use circuit testing tools and sensor emulators to diagnose effectively without expensive part cannon guessing.

Destination Systems
We have the tools and software to program Hanover and Mobitec destination boards enabling custom designs and destinations for your fleet of vehicles. We are happy to provide files remotely for you to upload to your own vehicles.

Interior Aftermarket Installations
We have experience in fitting many different aftermarket products such as USB sockets, CCTV systems, trackers, remote tachograph download interfaces, inverters, air purification systems etc.

Exterior Aftermarket Installations
We are happy to fit a multitude of external systems such as reversing cameras, reversing lights, flood lights, beacons, spot lamps, CB radios etc.

latest Systems
Our tools can help us diagnose faults with the latest technologies such as collision prevention systems, lane keeping assistants and aftertreatment fault finding.

Some of our favorite tools

Cummins Insite
Cummins Insite tool gives us manufacturer level diagnostic & ECM software to the latest calibrations to ensure the very latest Cummins software improvements are applied to the vehicle.

Cummins Quickserve
With access to Quickserve, we can access wiring diagrams and fault trees with Cummins guided diagnostic plans to accelerate the repair process.

Actia MultiAid
Actia MultiAid is one of our favourite tools. This tool gives a window in to the mind of the Actia CAMU / IOU system found in Optare, Alexander-Dennis and other vehicles.

Some of our many services

AdBlue systems, Engine Idle Timers, Speed Limiters, Suspension Calibration, ADAS Calibration, Injector Coding, DPF Regeneration, ETC.

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