DAF LF45 – Non Start

πŸ’‰ Vehicle had just been serviced and had been left running for approximately 20 minutes when it cut out without warning. Fault was purely coincodental to its recent service. πŸ“ž After several attempts to diagnose and restarting even with easy-start, the customer gave up and called us. 🧠 Knowing the engine is actually a rebadgedContinue reading “DAF LF45 – Non Start”

Merridale Fuel Pump

β›½ Called out to a fuel pump that we installed back in 2015. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Customer complaint was that pump was refusing to dispense fuel, claiming memory full. πŸ”Œ Knowing the system meant that were happy that the pump was unlikely at fault. A computer that we installed runs a software program that contains a databaseContinue reading “Merridale Fuel Pump”

Operate Solo strange behaviour

πŸ“ž Called out to an Optare Solo today with intermittent strange behavior. Intermittent unexpected wipers, doors occasionally functioning etc. πŸ’‰ After customer described symptoms, we immediately knew there was a fault with the CAMU/IOU systems. Customer had tried swapping IOU units to different locations which seemed to fix the issue temporarily. This was just coincidence.Continue reading “Operate Solo strange behaviour”


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