Remap – Iveco Stralis HI-WAY

🚛 Returning customer back in for a second vehicle after being impressed with the fuel economy and power delivery of the first Iveco Stralis we mapped. Customer reported gains of circa 2MPG.

Stage 1 Coach & Truck Remapping from £499.

📨Message us to see your potential gains. Reg checkers don’t always work on commercial vehicles, we may need to know the bhp variant.

✔️Increased Horsepower
✔️Increased Torque
✔️Improved Fuel Economy
✔️Better Throttle Response
✔️Smoother Power Delivery

How does it work?
1️⃣ Vehicle is scanned for underlying faults.
2️⃣ We read your current map and make a backup.
3️⃣ Your map is tuned professionally by our tuning partner SA Tuning.
4️⃣ We install the new map to the vehicle.
5️⃣ You have a new lease of life in your vehicle.

What else can we do?
👉 DPF Delete
👉 EGR Delete
👉 Adblue Delete for non EU export ONLY

Need to know more?
Send the page a message 💬

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